Raw food diet for dogs

I’ve adopted two dogs recently, and I made my first attempt at a raw food diet for Max and Rosella. Max especially likes it, while Rosella still prefers her dry food. It’s easy to make, but you need a food processor or grinder. Essentially, mince and grind all the ingredients until relatively smooth, and then portion into 1 lb (500 g) portions and freeze until the day before needed. The recipe is after the photos (not pretty but the dogs love it!)

6 lb (3 kg) meat, minced or mince quality (I used a mixture of beef and kangaroo)

2 lb (1kg) lamb kidney

2 lb (1 kg) lamb liver

1 apple, cored

1 large stalk celery

1 large carrot

1 bunch parsley

4 eggs, shells included

2 Tb natural digestive mix, which contains psyllium husk, carob, linseed, and slippery elm bark

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