Smokin’ turkey

I’ve posted this photo before, but no detail on the recipe. For Thanksgiving, I based the marinade for the turkey on a recipe from the NY Times, out of Florida. I marinated turkey legs, wings, and breast overnight, and then smoked the legs and wings for 7 h, and the breast for 3 h.


The recipe for the brine can be made smaller or larger, depending on the amount of meat. Ultimately, the meat just needs to be, for the most part, soaking in the marinade. If you use a zip-bag, the amount of marinade can be reduced. For this recipe, I spread the marinade around on 6 legs, 6 wings, and 2 breasts.

The marinade

1 L (4 cups) fresh orange juice

juice from 12 limes

2 Tb salt

2 Tb ground cumin

2 Tb ground coriander

1 tsp ground allspice

1 head garlic, thoroughly smashed

Marinate the meat overnight. I then cooked the meat in a Texas (off-set) smoker for about 7 hours (breast for 3 h), heated by red gum coal at about 120 C (250 F), supplemented by pre-soaked hickory wood at regular intervals (about every 2 h) for smoke. I also basted the meat in the leftover marinade at about the same interval. The result was great.

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