Wonderful Ginger leaves

The local asian grocer always has a small amount of fresh greens, herbs and roots, all fresh and some hard to find elsewhere. The girls also like going there because the old chinese woman who owns the place always gives them candies flavoured with lychee, green tea or some other variety! I’ve started picking up organic ginger leaves from there and they are wonderful. These leaves are beautiful and rich in antioxidants. They taste similar to spinach but with a mild ginger flavour, and more texture so they can withstand more cooking (they won’t wilt into pulp immediately). I’ve used them in stir-fry and with pasta to replace traditional spinach.  Raw, they might be a bit on the tough side for some palates, but I reckon slightly wilted and tossed with some fresh vegees and grilled meat, with a citrus dressing, would go well.


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